Data-Driven Digital Marketing
Our Data-Driven Digital Marketing solutions are fully-integrated with cloud-based CRM to offer unprecedented data intelligence and the most advanced digital marketing platform in the hospitality industry. You’ll gain critical insights into guest behavior, impact across channels, and the performance of marketing funnels. And a single view will help you monitor, measure, and maximize your digital marketing like never before.
CRM Remarketing
We take traditional re-marketing to a new level by leveraging first-party CRM data to deliver digital campaigns that reach your best guests, regardless of whether they’ve visited your website. We then develop sophisticated look-alike models to expand your audience and drive significant new bookings by finding and converting new guests that look just like your best guests.
Key Features:
  • First Party Data Integration
  • Advanced Look-alike Modeling
  • Multi-Channel: Email, Display, Social, Mobile and Video
Programmatic Advertising
Reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Our programmatic advertising solution seamlessly integrates first and third-party data to deliver highly targeted, high-response digital marketing campaigns. The results are higher efficiency, improved ROI, expanded data profiles, and outcomes that automatically improve over time.
Key Features:
  • Advanced Targeting: Audience, Predictive, Behavioral
  • Advanced Profiling and Segmentation
  • API Integration with Leading Data Providers
  • Real-time Bidding
  • Premium Ad Inventory
  • Rich Media Creative: Display, Mobile, Social, and Video
  • Dynamic Content

Our dedicated teams are experts in both SEO and SEM, which are interrelated opportunities that require continuous monitoring and improvement. They will keep up with the complex and ever-changing nature of search marketing so you don’t have to. In addition, our powerful reporting and analytics will help you understand how search contributes to your results across all digital media channels.
Key Features:
  • Google Certified Experts
  • Integrated Natural, Paid, Mobile, and Local Search Strategies
  • Rules-based, Algorithmic Keyword Bidding
  • Search Re-Marketing
  • Meta Search: Google, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Trivago
  • Continuous Performance Analysis
  • Landing Page and A/B testing
Social Media
Our team of social media experts integrate a sophisticated social media strategy into your overall digital marketing plan. And we monitor and protect your reputation, while optimizing all of your social media platforms for best practices that lead to measurable results. In addition, we provide a full range of social advertising and custom creative solutions.
Key Features:
  • Online Reputation Management and Monitoring
  • Channel Management and Optimization
  • Conversation Calendars
  • Platform Page Branding
  • Staff Training on Best Practices
Social Influence Marketing
Our Social Influence Marketing Platform offers a unique promotional tool that builds data intelligence. We work with you to create and implement a compelling contest for your brand or property. We then monitor results in real-time as it generates social media buzz. You will expand customer profiles and gain insights, driving incremental returns from your social media channels. Best of all, the platform identifies your most influential guests, allowing you to deliver them personalized offers that further their advocacy on behalf of your brand.
Key Features:
  • Grow Your Opt-In Marketing Database
  • Identify and Engage Social Influencers
  • Capture Valuable Consumer Insights
  • Drive Social Media Engagement
Attribution Reporting
Data Intelligence is at the core of everything we do. We provide sophisticated reporting that eliminates the guesswork from marketing campaigns. With our central-tagging solution, you’ll understand direct and indirect attribution across channels and across the entire guest lifecycle, so that you can seamlessly shift budget and optimize revenue.

Key Features:
  • Central Tagging Solution
  • Model Comparison Reporting
  • Budget Optimization
  • Improved Performance

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