cloud-based crm + loyalty
Our innovative, cloud-based CRM platform meets the data intelligence needs of hotels, resorts, and casinos. We fully integrate your existing systems to provide an enterprise view of all your guest data, powerful analytics and modeling, rules-based communications, and advanced business intelligence and reporting. The result is true one-to-one marketing and communications, as well as real-time insights across your entire business.
A powerful middleware platform, eConnectivity improves efficiencies and profitability by seamlessly connecting internal, multiple hotel, or third-party systems. You’ll have instant access to critical information, allowing you to make more intelligent decisions, and guest engagement and communications easier than ever. With nearly two decades experience in hotel systems integration and data management, our teams will help you put an end to data headaches, break down existing data silos, and turn your data into a powerful asset.
Key Features:
  • Supports Over 80 hotel, Resort, and Casino Systems, Including PMS, CRS, Player, Loyalty, Sales & Catering, Spa, F&B/POS, Credit Card, Travel/Entertainment Expense Management, Ticketing, Marketing, and Many More
  • Advanced Adapter Development Toolkit for Rapid Deployment and Development of New Interfaces
  • Supports All Data Systems and Transmission Methods
  • Plug & Play Environment

eInsight offers hotels, resorts, and casinos a turn-key Data Intelligence solution to understand and respond to guest behavior. Backed by a central data warehouse, you’ll have a comprehensive, single view of all guest data to manage history, value, behavior, desire, and intent. eInsight models profiles, reports outcomes, predicts future behavior, and provides the most advanced rules-based communication platform available to drive relevant and personalized messaging across channels. The results are improved guest satisfaction and conversion rates, and significantly higher returns on your investment.
Key Features:
  • Intuitive Cloud-Based Interface
  • Data Modeling + Audience Segmentation
  • Guest Profile Management + Social Media Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management + Responsive Email Design
  • Dynamic Content Engine
  • BI + Reporting + Analytics
  • Loyalty Module + Guest Portal

+ LoyaltyTM
Our +Loyalty Module provides a fully configurable, private-labeled guest loyalty solution. We support a full range of models and business rules, offering you control and flexibility in rewarding your best guests and maximize revenue. In addition, our loyalty module works with eInsight to enhance guest intelligence, personalization, communication, and reporting capabilities.
Key Features:
  • Rules Engine Supports Points-based or Stays-based Models, Multiple Tiers, Awards, Recognition, and Redemptions
  • Member Portal for Registration, Redemption, and Real-time Status
  • Profile/Preference Management
  • Administration Portal for Brand/Property Staff
  • Seamlessly Integrates with your Brand/Property Websites and Applications

eConcierge allows guests to customize their experience at your property and make their stay more memorable. Beginning with their confirmation email, guests start planning their stay with our easy-to-use interactive planner. Respond quickly and effectively to requests, streamline internal communications, and enhance profiles to better serve your guests. The results are more ancillary revenue and increased guest satisfaction.
Key Features:
  • Pre-stay Guest Engagement Application
  • Private-label Design to Match your Branding and Website
  • Electronic Itinerary Management
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Social Integration
  • eInsight Integration
Uncover valuable data insights into your guests and their overall satisfaction with eSurvey—our integrated guest-feedback solution. Managing guest satisfaction data for over 4,500 hotels worldwide, eSurvey delivers data that can trigger personalized communications to improve retention, fuel future marketing campaigns, and increase brand loyalty.
Key Features:
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • Completely Customizable Surveys and Templates
  • Configurable Suppression Rules, Alerts, Scheduling, and Reporting Views
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • eInsight Integration

Reporting + Analytics
Our Business Intelligence and reporting solution was built specifically for hotels and resorts. Built atop the powerful IBM Cognos reporting engine, we provide best-of-breed analytics without confusion over features and options, or the need for a large up-front investment. Recently noted by Info-Tech for our trendsetting analytics capabilities, Cendyn/ONE helps you understand your guest and marketing opportunities like never before.
Key Features:
  • 60 + Pre-defined Reports Arranged by Brand/Property Department and/or Job Functions
  • Unlimited Queries and Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Drag and Drop Report Writers for Easy Use
  • Public and Private Folders for Report Creation, Archiving and Sharing
  • Report Scheduling, Export, and Automation
  • Professional Custom Reporting and Data Intelligence Services

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